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Peace Global

Public Education Advocates for Christian Equity (PEACE) Global is registered with the US government as a 501 (c) 3 education- and religion-based nonpartisan organization founded to assist Christian parents to positively engage with public school officials with regard to controversial sexual health education.

The approach used by PEACE was developed by families, pastors, and educators from the local faith community, and is a Bible-based and uniquely positive approach that can be easily adapted for other faith communities in other regions of the USA and around the world.

PEACE strives to:

  • Educate parents on sensitive/controversial curriculum content and their rights under their Department of Education’s policies and regulation
  • Advocate with Christian parents as they communicate the faith needs of their children to their schools
  • Provide alternative sexual education curriculum that is medically accurate, evidence-based and that is consistent with the teaching of the Christian faith

Our Bottom Line:
PEACE strongly believes that a good education and Christian faith should NOT be odds
Religious and educational goals can be accomplished in a complimentary way by creating a positive working environment where:

  1. Parents assume primary responsibility for children’s education
  2. Communities of faith support families and their schools
  3. Parents, faith communities and local schools commit to communicate in order to better understand one another