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In 1996, as a result of his child being exposed to controversial sexual content in public school, Phil Lees began an organization to inform, mobilize and empower Christian parents to positively engage their local schools.

From this organization, PEACE was formed in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Since then, PEACE has assisted numerous communities in the province of Ontario and, in 2013, Phil Lees was invited by churches in Hawaii to share the message of PEACE. As a result of these presentations, Christian parents were alerted to Pono Choices, a version of International Planned Parenthood Federation’s Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE). For more on CSE

PEACE Global continues to develop Strategic Alliances with positive, like-minded organizations that seek to assist Christian families in the area of sexual education:

Medical Institute is dedicated to aligning and disseminating scientific data that promotes optimal sexual health and wellness.


Ascend champions youth to make healthy decisions in relationship and life promoting well-being through a primary prevention strategy, and as a national membership and advocacy organization that serves, leads, represents and equips the Sexual Risk Avoidance (SRA) field.


Founded in 1995, Heritage Community Services’ programs utilize The Heritage Method, a logic model that addresses the risky behavior of adolescents from the perspective of changing the behavior that is causing the problem rather than only addressing the consequences of the risky actions.

For more information about PEACE Global, please check out our PEACEHawaii and PEACEOntario web pages or if you have any questions about how to get involved with PEACE Global, contact either Pastor Rojo or Phil on our contact form.

God bless you,

Pastor Rojo Herrera





Phil Lees